Friday, September 14, 2007

Enya's gran

There's been some discussion about the enneagram personality test on the blog recently so here is a link to a short version of the test, I did it over 10 years ago and was an 8 (aggressive) now after redoing it I'm a 2 (Helpful)!

Who the hell is the real me?


  1. Yep, did a more detailed test than the one here....I am a bloody two, I need to be helpful and caring to be happy! Arse...and I am so not passive aggresive! This is a can of worms I wish I'd never opened!

  2. I am also a 2 apparently. Uniquely gifted at tuning in on the feelings of others. My charity is really a projection of how I want others to care for me.

    No laughing down the back.

  3. I think you two are ok - 2s are often members of the caring profession, and only help people out so they can garner the gratitude or martyr themselves!

    Midge, I just can't see you as an 8! I think that might havebeen wrong...

    Rememebr all no's have positive and negative extremes. If I remember correctly, this is an ancient (Sumerian?)system based on Jesus' personality! REligious people like it.

    It's good for when you have friends/relatives's/ coworkers who just seem to have irreconcilable differences, helps you understand their motivation and respinses.

    My mum was v into this. She did a lot of work shops - talkling to people who are your number, or people hwo are a really contrasting number and learning about them. I know a guy who runs them, if anyone ever gets more into it. I like it a lot, but can't be aarsed, as with so much in my life!

  4. i've seen the workshops over the years, maybe when the kids are older I might get into something like that....right now the only numbers i'm worried about are the proof numbers on my vodka...joke(?)

  5. I've done a few workshops on this over this years and its interesting enough. I'm a 9. As it focusses on what motivates people its interesting to see what motivates other people you know too.

    MW - I can totally see you being an 8. 8s are leaders or people who feel strongly about the wrongs in the world and about other people being oppressed.

    On the good and bad for each no.

    1 - idealist - perfectionist
    2 - carer - open to being used
    3 - high achiever- image-hungry
    4 - artistic- selfish
    5 - intelligent - unsocial
    6 - loyal - indecisive, fearful
    7 - happy - frivolous
    8 - leader/courageous- power hungry
    9 - diplomatic - cowardly, lazy

  6. Thanks Milan, you're a good nine, I think you'd be a great fact I've been telling you to get into politics for years!

    As for me being an 8, I'm not power hungry....I am planning to take over the for nine pounds blog....I've said too much haven't I?

  7. Hmm, Ill admit that I don't know enough about each - and that my knowledge of 8s is coloured by my father, whose traits might shade towards the negative!

    You can be a bit of more than one, they shade towards each other.

    There are also lots of different (can't think of the word) aspects?to see each number through - for instance the contrasts above are simple - there's more to each number, obviously.

  8. I'm a two as well which flies in the face of all the people who think I'm a prick....

    who to believe????

  9. I wouldn't have put any of yiz as 2s. the number on either side are your wings. As a 9 I have a wing in 1 and 8. This usually manifests as having perfectionist tendencies at times, like before with college work or sometimes in work. With the 8 side, every 9 type person knows how to get their way in a manner that makes others think they're having it their way.

    Then there's the directions. You should lean towards and move away from certain nos. I should be more like a 3 and less like a 6.

    I suppose it takes a while to suss it all.

  10. Maybe we should all rename ourselves as "2Enya'sGran"? No? I SO wanted to be an 8 I was gutted.

  11. Dear lord...I'm a 3.

    This probably confirms a what a few of you think of me! :-)