Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday's Fancy!

So it's Friday, maybe some of our bloggers are thinking of popping out for a few scoops, or more likely staying at home with a bottle of wine (that's what the parent bloggers will be doing anyway)! So if you are, here's a tip for you, our polish babysitter (who is amazing with the kids and a lovely person, thanks Polka!) brought me a present during the week Bison Grass vodka, brand name Zubrowka. She recommend that we drink it with apple juice and all has to be very cold. OH MY GOD! So yummy, really! you have to try it. The vodka drunk on it's own has an apple type taste to it, because of the blade of bison grass in it! I don't know what normal vodka and apple juice tastes like...will have to try that, but if you fancy trying the polish stuff the sell it in Superquinn.....Enjoy!
(Sorry if that's the incorrect spelling of polish....)


  1. Now I reported about this to the husband - same brand his Polish contact had given him - but Mageck apparently poo-pooed the one that's in the Supermarkets - so this is the one worth having.

    I don't think I should be feeding my 7 week old vodka, so sadly none fo me - but it's very empting!

  2. the one she gave us is the same one as in superquinn blackrock. Yummy!

  3. You feckless fool! You aren't Boris Yeltsin...although now that I think of it there are some similarities:-P

  4. Gigglin at the banter! Goodf news about Superquinn, bless them and their integrity!

  5. bottoms up for Superquinn...although if you are SL then it would be shave off all your body hair after twelve shots!