Monday, September 03, 2007

Goth Tastic II - the marketing men take over!

Am loving the goth nostalgia trend that's appearing among us.

Proof that goths do the outdoors?

There is no finer than this


  1. TBH this advert really scares me, these kids are not meant to be happy, every time I see it on tv I get frightened. I know I deal with adverts all day, every day but this ad just does nothing for me.

  2. Yeah, it just doesn't work. There's something wrong with it. If it was just that goth kids aren't meant to be happy, that would prove the point of the ad, that Irn Bru or whatever it is makes miserable people happy - but there's something more off about it. I can't quite put my finger on it.

    Perhaps it just seems disrespectful!

    I found out this summer that a Something Happens song I'd really liked was actually written to slag off The Mission fans - they supported them through a summer (???)and found hte fans ridiculous.


  3. ok, I get your points of view but in my semi goth past I remember smiling and going to funderland.....! It's hard work trying to be moody all the time!

  4. One of those goth girls is cute. Probably underage, but cute.

  5. I meant to make a point about having had fun as well. Never went to funderland though, weak stomach!

    Now if it was an ad for alcohol and the kids were cavorting on a golf course at night it might make more sense...

  6. Well GB, now we know your secret:-P

    Jo, you had an exciting youth...tell us more, do i remember martini being mentioned....oh don't tell GB you went to a girls boarding school... It'd be too much for him!

  7. Why oh why aren't goths meant to be happy, people? And why not instantly with the magical powers of Irn Bru? Haven't you ever tasted the stuff? It's made from girders.