Sunday, September 02, 2007

Submission for the next Oxford dictionary

On one of our country expeditions (I think it was Port Tumna at the height of the foot and mouth scare) we came up with some words to describe the less than flattering physical characteristics of the locals. For example, I think Tiberius suggested "mono-brow" for someone who has eyebrows that meet in the middle. So, to belatedly continue the tradition, I submit the following word:

Breasticles. Noun: A man's tits.


  1. Definition 2:
    breasticle, n. Testicle with surgically attached nipples which retain the ability to become erect and are able to shoot milk and semen.

  2. Christ, Atreus! I wonder should I tell my daughter next time she's laughing about her Dad's 'hairy boobs'...

    She asked me girls and boys have different parts this evening - I absently replied that it was about making babies, then flung myself into a ditch and ducked and convered. Thankfully no further questions ensued.

    She's four - it's not the explaining I'd mind, it's watching her tell everyoen else about it thereafter.

  3. I thought they were called Moobs. I have the original book open beside me here and... we also invented "heterohomophatic" - a heterosexual male who is also homosexual but only to ophratic men (no real explanation as to what ophratic means) and "lesbophatic" - a woman who only likes fat men and women.

    It was a slow weekend.

  4. Crap, I have such a short memory, right again MW.

  5. What were we on to come up with these words? And can I have some of whatever it is now?