Sunday, September 16, 2007

Juke Box Jury (judge and executioner)

Me and my mates have pretty similar music tastes. So much so that we have a 300gig external hard drive shared out amongst ourselves. I put my stuff on it, give it to a friend. He puts his stuff on it and passes it on. Eventually it does a full circle and arrives back with lots of new tunes on it.

I've realised that I'm out of step with the common consensus of the F drive.

Theres some bands that I just can't warm to and I never bother to take their stuff from the communal drive onto my mp3 player.

Radiohead. Adored by critics, this band were huge when I was in my early 20s. Seminal albums, sonic adventurers etc etc. I know I should like them but I just can't. Thom Yorke bugs the shit out of me. The only song I can tolerate from them is No Surprises and thats cos it was the last track on a chill out CD I used to own; by the time it came on I'd be so stoned that 'The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round' would sound like a masterpiece.

The Floyd. The interesting one went mad. The others wrote about it when not bickering about who owned the band name. Told us that war was bad. They may have been the ultimate stoner band but this reformed stoner detests them.

Snow Patrol. What is their purpose on Earth?

Arctic Monkeys. Its nothing music. Its too bland to be edgy, too mangled to be melodic. They are the Neds Atomic Dustbin of the 21st century.

The Doors. What a great boy band. Despite Jim Morrisons 'I am the Lizard wanker' routine. But still, great boy band. In the same way that Duran Duran were a great boy band. I can listen to the Doors greatest Hits and sing along into a hairbrush in front of my mirror and pretend that I'm Simon Le Bon. When the Doors movie came out (another pet hate) every little Southside girlie that was too cool for NKOTB and too young for Lloyd Cole fell for Jim. Good looking tanned Jim that is; not bloated in a bathtub with veins full of junk and psycho girlfriend Jim. I hate Jim Morrison so much I'd like to visit Paris and dance on the fuckers grave (and while doing it I'd sing the Jose Feliciano version of Light my Fire).

The Thrills. I'm a bit of a sucker for the 70s thing. I own Steely Dan albums. The first Thrills CD was ok. I've seen Conor from the band being interviewed; he talks really slowly cos hes a serious artist. They make my skin crawl.

I'm glad I vented. Now I'm going to hit Winamp and listen to the soothing sounds of Kraftwerk to help me drift off to sleep....


  1. Never got Radiohead either GB. Always liked their earlier, funnier stuff. Snow Partol's purpose on Earth? To earn enough money to buy their own space station one day.

  2. Well, the Thrills are an abomination. And I don't get Pink Floyd either, especially after living with my younger brother for 9 months and listening to them droning at high volume from his room at all times.

    You're on your own with your damning of the rest of it though.

  3. GB,

    A mutual friend of ours once stopped an interview with Conor and asked that it be continued when he could speak properly.

    There's one of The Thrills working in RTE as a runner. New album went well so....

    In regard to Snow Patrol, Gary Lightbody gives the world someonething to direct our collective hate towards. Who makes songs so shite that a mash with the Police makes it sound somewhat better..

  4. Sorry I like Snow Patrol, I think a lot of people of a certain level of smugness like to humbug "popular" music, just because it's popular, snobbery I suppose, of course I'm not saying any one on this blog would be like that! Myself I'm a slapper when it comes to music, I like a little bit of every thing, I don't care if it's new or old, trendy or embarrassing! If I like a song, even if I've hated everything else the band have ever done I don't care, I'd go with anyone.

  5. GB - I was going to do a post re my music intelligence, or lack thereof, but you've lead me in. There's so much about new music I don't get or don't want to get. I don't mind the Doors but its true they are a pop band in disguise. I love Steely Dan but am too much of a 21st C music ignoramous to care about Radiohead, Snow Patrol, Arctic Monkeys or the the Thrills.
    Might post later anyway.