Saturday, September 15, 2007


You've all gone out, you bastards Or perhaps you're getting foot massages from your devoted partners. Now I'm going to have to go watch Saturday evening tv, and Noel Edmunds is back on the prowl.

Now, my baby is fabulous and goes to sleep in minutes and sleeps soundly for protracted periods, unlike my daughter who woke every half hour and refused to be settled! So hopefully Granny will be brave enough to babysit soon, but she was burned in the past, so we'll see.

I might make it to see the husband's band in Scott's in Dun Laoighre next week, anyone? I went to check on my daughter this evening, and found she'd managed to fall asleep with her hands against he head board, all fingers curled into fists except the middle one on her left hand, somehow mysteriously aloft - totally giving me the finger. I'd nearly post the photograph. Still, my friend said today that her 4 year old had told her she was ruining her life! I haven't heard that one yet - it's what she gets for taking her to see Bratz!


  1. this is the life of the mother of a 3or 4 year old daughter....

  2. In all fairness, I was out. Sorry Jo.

    Would have been very amused by the pic of your daughter giving you the finger.

    What night's the gig? Although I doubt your chances of getting many there as only 6 of us are coming to the masked ball :(

  3. How did you know we were all out though Jo? That's impressive. Can that talent be taught so that I can monitor all of you at all times?

  4. Now that's getting scary, step back, Someone. Blogmaster has definite limits.

    I'm disgusted about not being able to come to the masked ball, and am considering doing half and half - then I feel guilty, then I consider it again. Could we do it on Friday instead?
    *Duck and cover!*, scrambles for safety.

  5. Blog Overlord(tm)? Limits? Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha x 100.

  6. jm - me too. I can't do half and half because i'm on an island in the west.

    SL - how can 6 people be the majority? How about this Fri or Sat, or even Sun week.

  7. Milan, I love your persistence. 6 (now 7 as of today with one more possible) is a majority as, out of our 18 writers only 11 expressed an interest in coming at all and the date that suited the biggest number (including Jo before she double booked herself!) was the one we settled on.

    Now hush chile before I change your username to Moaning Adenauer when you're not looking ;)