Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Mother" == "Non-Stop Mover"

An article in today's Metro on the DART finally came out with what I know to be the truth: mothers taking care of their kids maintain a higher level of constant activity than most.

Not unique to the Metro, the story is the result of a study about the pressure to keep children active and entertained, and how it is keeping mothers/mums/moms going at a break-neck pace. They end up with (probably a sum total of) 10 minutes a day to themselves.
The pressure meant 86 per cent felt they were in a state of constant motion, and 62 per cent said they felt restless and unable to relax regularly.
Will having this appear in the media change anything?

Do you think any women would disagree?

Do you think the same state of perpetual motion is true of stay-at-home dads or single dads?


  1. Does this mean you'll rub my feet tonight? :-D

  2. Don't think it will change a damn thing Atreus but, from my own experience, it seems to be 100% true. As to how they manage a 24 hour a day job? They are better than us all.