Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Mystery Revealed

Back in March, the other half, Mr. Green and I embarked on our biggest and most nerve wracking adventure to date. House hunting! We looked at new houses, old houses, houses that didn't need any work done to them and were pretty much ready for us to move into and houses that were major fixer-uppers and that would give even Duncan Stewart nightmares!

I am happy to report however that we found and house that we both really liked, met all our requirements and more importantly that we should be able to afford! We got the keys last week but it needs a bit of work done to it before we can move in.

The last few months has also made me realise just how impatient I actually am. We seemed to spend all our time waiting. Waiting to hear back from the estate agent after we put our offer(s) in. Waiting to meet with the mortgage broker. Waiting to find out if we could get the mortgage we wanted. Waiting to find out if an agreement could be made on the price when it was discovered that there was a leak in the roof which was made worse thanks to what seems like the wettest summer in history.

The crazy thing is while it seemed like months, in reality it all happened really quickly. Just under two months in fact.

Now the fun begins. Stripping wallpaper, gutting bathrooms, choosing colour schemes, deciding on where the Christmas tree is going!

So, if I'm not around as much over the next few weeks you'll know why but don't worry I'll keep you all up to date.

P.S. Was your guess correct polkadot?


  1. And about time too (I mean that with the buying of the house and the telling of the story!) Congratulations! So when is Mr Green going to start writing for us Pinky? ;)

  2. I was right :-D. Fabulous, congrats! I've become Little Miss Positive, so think of the leak in the roof as a blessing, since none of your stuff was in the house at the time :-). And if you need things for the house, check out FreecycleDublin. Brilliant group. Also a great place to get rid of things that still have life in 'em.