Thursday, September 20, 2007

Never Enough TV

Forget about making the ceiling support it. Don't worry about having enough room to walk around. Just use this:


  1. oh my god! TV's are funny aren't they? These people obviously want to pretend they don't watch tv. God imagine you were dating someone with a TV like that under the bed!

  2. At first I thought it was a giant magnifying glass! But clearly men have other bedroom needs.

  3. Can you imagine it though? You head home with Johnny Flash after a night out and he accidentally hits the control when you're in the middle of a shag. You look up and see a giant metal thing looming over his shoulder in the dark. Not great.

  4. It would epend what was on...

    And anyway, he would have shown it off first as soon as you entered the bedroom.

    And it would just have to play porny wicka wick wow music as it unfolded...

    Still, I'd like to have the option of having a giant giant telly. Ours is montrously big and tootally takes up space and dominates the room.

    Not the bedroom, mind you, I'm no fan of tv in a bedroom. Not that it isn't pleasant, but I don't think it's healthy.

  5. /giggles at the wicka wick wow music....