Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sammy no shoulders II - the slithering

Feck it. MW Beat me to the punch. We're getting a snake.

Started off fairly innocently, looking at the fish tanks disguised as plasma screens (which were almost as expensive as a real plasma screen and, let's face it, would have roughly the same level of intelligent entertainment on it)

The frozen, vacuum packed mice and rats (really got interested now, my 12 year old self was positively jumping up and down inside)

And then the lizards, scorpions (what sort of crazy fucker needs to buy a scorpion as some sort of crazed status symbol? And can you imagine the late night parties? "C'mere Donal, let me take out spiky... Aw crap, where's he gone? Everyone, up on your chairs") and snakes

And then there was the little one. We're getting one of them. Primarily because there's so little actual maintenance involved and also because it's going to be really cool to see him eat a whole mouse every week.

He had me at "hisssssssssssss"


  1. I wonder is there a fundamental difference between those who had a hamster (moi) and those who have snakes for pets. I don't think snakes are 'pets' exactly. And you see my idea of a pet as a crunchy frozen treat for a snake.


  2. Surely a pet reflects something of yourself. So I suppose that says a lot about us, maybe you should be wary of us...? Have I mentioned my trapazoid scheme to you yet? You can get rich and quick!

  3. MW - does the small snake in the picture turn into a monster 6 foot long one after a few months?

  4. Yup Milan. Eventually he gets 5 feet long and a few inches around. Nothing we can't handle.

    Tell me about this trapezoid scheme?