Wednesday, September 26, 2007

PC-McCarthyism....the official backlash

I get reaaaaallllyyy angry sometimes at the stereo types of my generation, and in particular at the hidden oppression and inequalities of what I like to call PC-McCarthyism, so the time has come to share it with you.

Example A
A friend of mine got 450% abused and dismissed recently for suggesting that factors other than global warming may be affecting the climate change - this is so typical of PC-McCarthyism. The general PC view becomes sacred and any valid argument outside of this is slated. People need to get back to Socrates' philosophy of knowing nothing.

Example B
Then there's British police taking a racial case against Channel 4 for broadcasting the Undercover Mosque programme - which showed undercover muslims preaching about jewish pigs, women having half the intelligence of men, ok to marry 9 yr old girls, right and honour to commit jihad, etc. More classic PC-McCarthyism, attacking the messenger. In the West we are now living in a former-oppressed-minority-ocracy. The former oppressed minorities can get away with so much more than any other minority or majority social group.

Example C
Then at same time earlier this year we had the celebrity big brother fiasco. What was highlighted at the time, and actually admitted to publicly by the channel 4 boss, was that bullying a different nationality is worse than bullying someone for other reasons. Big Brother has had bullying in every series. BB 2006 had someone ostricised by 14 housemates and leave - but nothing was ever said. Add in the possibility that race may be a factor and its an international political scandal. This to me is totally wrong. Why should racial abuse be more important than any other abuse?

Example D
Then there's the Brian Ferry episode. By expressing admiration for Nazi art he was lambasted as a Nazi lover. It is possible to separate out the good and bad actions of a person or entity.
And then there's the holocaust law. This seems to be the first EU legally enforced belief and naturally it supports PC-McCarthyism. Will I get called up in front of the next McCarthy if I state that 5.9m and not 6m jews died in WW2?

PC morality evolved from Christian morality, and like Christianity, both have extremes and the extremes of PC inequality are surfacing with greater frequency.

This is my official stance.

I'm taking genuine utopian equality back.


  1. I love it when Milan goes on a posting spree :-).

    The only thing I can comment about is Example A. My father is an earth scientist, well known in his field. He has been saying for *years* that it is not global warming, but a normal cyclical trend, and that we were actually a bit overdue.

    I go with Dad on some of it (there is still too much emissions, waste, etc)

  2. Wow. We should all make the commitment to drunkpost at least once in the next month because you never know what you're going to get.

    A. With you to at least some small degree on this Milan. It's not just human factors, however the far right in particular in the US are using this to ditract from big business and its obligation to make the problem better, not worse. Did you know the US Government invented the phrase "Climate Change" because it sounded less drastic that "Global Warming"?

    B. Totally with Channel 4 on this one. Undercover programmes like that one have been vital in investigative jouernalism for decades.

    C. It shouldn't be but remember the UK tabloid press set the agenda in that case. They stoked the fire for the sake of sales, not any sense of PC "right on-ism"

    D. I admire Leni Riefenstahl's films. Doesn't make me (nor did it make her for that matter when she was still alive) a Nazi or anti-semitic. Not so sure that you can always seperate out the good and bad actions. If Mein Kamf was the greatest book ever or George W Bush was a great painter would that make it acceptable to like either? Don't think so.

  3. My only problem with this is I've seen people use the anti-pc movement to excuse abusive or offensive behaviour.

    It's hard to be nuanced en mass - I think it's a good thing that people are protected from racism at work, etc. Racism in Ir4land is about to explode, and a little more officially sanctioned protection would be no bad thing, surely?

  4. I little giddy to see that anti-PCism is starting to thrive over in your parts. I believe this oppression is gonna come home to roost and it thrills me. People are afraid to be truthful anymore, they deny what is really in their hearts in order to not offend.

    Here in America, after a murderous terrorist is politely invited to address some of our brightest minds, people are mad that his terrorism and holocaust denying was even brought up by the guy that introduces him, because well, that was rude. Are you joking? It was rude? Is it not rude to stone women from looking the wrong way or killing a man because he happens to be a homosexual?

    Yet, it took just one day. Initially people laughed at the absurdity of the stupidity and denial Mamood displayed, but just one day later people take to the streets to, brushing all that aside and focus on the fact that Bollinger was rude?????

    Let Anti-PCism reign, its about time we came back and started to be more truthful about things.

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  6. Thanks for all the comments, I take them all on. Another funny ridiculous PC moment is in the film Superbad. The 2 nerdy police are trying to get an identity of the man who held up the liquor store from the black sales woman but don't want to say the word black; so they ask 'was he like you?' and she says 'what, a woman?'. It went on.