Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The four martini lunch project

Ever seen this? Got reminded of it by Milan's mention a couple of posts back.

I have no great love of large international corporations from many years of reading books like No Logo, The Beauty Myth, Fast Food Nation and Fatland. Got distracted by this a while back, it's McDonalds UK website on which they have a section devoted to answering your questions.

In all fairness, someone in their PR(evil alien blood-sucking lizard) department said "lads, we're going to get murdered if we do a gloss over job on this. Why don't we answer the questions, all of the questions totally honestly? Mad, eh? Let's go for lunch to a wine bar and on later to Grouchos to celebrate!!!"

Have a trawl through where they give answers to questions such as:


They're all here:


  1. So funny! People crack me up.
    43. Why did McDonald's change the shape of the 'McChicken Sandwich' bun? It certainly doesn't taste as good in the round bun. Did you bow down to pressure from foreigners?

    . I only ever have gerkins at when I'm at mcdonalds. They are ok but i don't know anything about them. Can you tell me more. Is gerkin a meat and if so, which animal does it come from?

  2. The Mc Chicken sandwich one is good...the bun is now round but the burger is it doesn't work, you wind up with one mouthful that is just bun. I don't eat mayo so it's just bun, burger and lettuce! I only ever have them when i am really hungover.....really really, it's the only thing I can keep down!

  3. I can't deny it's a serious cure, for some reason.

  4. Gas SL. One of these days I'm gonna have to work out how ye do those web links inside the posting.

  5. In the posting's easy - highlight the words you want and click on the little green link icon.

    HOw to do them in the coment is a mystery to me though.