Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Put. On. Your. Knickers.

Okay, so I have it on good authority that Spit in me Beers didn’t exactly light up the Vegas sky with her opening performance at the VMA’s on Sunday. I didn’t see it myself, but I’m sure I’ll catch it at some stage seeing as MTV are bound to repeat the show to death over the coming weeks. So, I cant really comment on how good or bad the performance actually was. However, I did see a couple of pictures of her during the performance and as such I do feel in the position to comment on her appearance. It absolutely galls me that one of the criticisms of her performance is that she looked “spongy” and “flabby”. Okay, so her abs weren’t exactly looking rock hard, but who cares? I honestly could not see one thing wrong with her figure. She looked absolutely FANTASTIC for a woman who has had 2 babies, especially when you consider that they were in such quick succession of each other. Her body would hardly have had the time to recover from the 1st one before she got pregnant again. If I had a body like hers after having 1 baby, let alone 2, I would be thrilled!

It really gets my goat (oh yes, that pesky goat has been gotten again) that the same media who criticise the likes of Nicole Ritchie for being too skinny, can turn around in the same breath and talk about Britney Spears being too flabby?! The hypocrisy is unreal. Okay, I do concede that Britney appears to be totally and utterly screwed up God love her, but many in the media seem to think that this gives them a licence to jump on the bandwagon and destroy the girl. Really, its like a modern day witch hunt. I feel so bad for her and her children. Okay, it would help matters if she threw on a pair of knickers before leaving the house in the morning, but this is not a person who is thinking rationally, this is a young woman who is at risk of becoming the Paula Yates of this decade. She has too many “friends” who are with her for the wrong reasons and she has been nothing more than a cash cow to family and friends alike for far too long. I do realise that she is now an “adult”, but really I don’t think she had much of a childhood, so one can only guess what stage her emotional maturity is at. I really hope that some morning she will wake up and have a little wisdom and be able to help herself. My advice to Britney? Stay outta the clubs missus and for God’s sake put on your knickers!!


  1. I do feel sorry for her Mossie. She is a very fucked up girl who has all the wrong people around her advising all the wrong things. To look at the performance she should be in a drying out clinic and not on a stage anywhere.

    Someone behind her with their own interests at heart is milking this for all it's worth.

    Have a look at the full video Mossie, it's a car crash


  2. I agree with you mossie, I think it's about building celebs up to messiah like status just so the very people who put them on the pedestal can stone them off it!

  3. What worries me is that she's always sucking on lollipops. Many people (including me) think they're the pain relief lollies that cancer patients get, when they can't keep down pills, they suck on those.

    It's heartbreaking, isn't it? If one of us saw this happening to another, we'd all jump in. I wish she had real friends. No, I don't care about what her body looks like (girl's still got it), she's just throwing away a great talent and her kids, to an extent. Never thought K-Fed (or FedEx) would be the "good" parent.

    She seems a lovely girl, just horribly misguided.

  4. #if any of our lives were put under the level of scrutiny that Brittney and her ilk are put under would we manage to maintain any tiny bit of normality in our lives?
    I know I'd be reaching for the vodka flavoured OJ fairly quickly. I know they invite in the publicity but it's not healthy.....don't know wher I'm going with this.....that there should be no free press? or that there should be no celebrity? My hubbt thinks I'm getting more extreme as I get older....so who knows what I mean?

  5. Oh I know guys - agree with each of you 100%... heard about those pain relief lollies - her teeth will all fall out now to add to her troubles!