Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sammy No Shoulders!

So, we are getting a snake........myself and the hubby brought the kids to the new pet shop on the Long Mile Road, it's a great shop, loads of fish, birds, rodent type animals. So our three year old daughter wandered into the lizard section and befriends the guy feeding the lizards. Obviously he has been trained in some ESSP (Extra Sensory Selling Powers) and he could tell from our stance that we were malleable. Quick as a flash this lovely young man (looked like he had tattoos so I liked him) whipped out a lizard, my daughter stuck out her hand and was scratching him behind the ears! Great, the perfect pet, I was sold, even their food, loud chirping crickets didn't put me off.

"But" he says "I'm more of a snake guy myself (he he he) ". So Mr Tattoo brings us over to the baby snakes, my nine year olds hand shoots out, soon even my hubby had a fully grown python wrapped around him. Snakes, it turns out are our perfect pets, they are easily fed (frozen mouse once a week) they don't need cleaning out (tank cleaned once a month) and they don't require much attention (good in a home where attention is at a premium)! So it's settled, kids have even given it a name, Sammy, and I've given him the "No Shoulders" surname after Polka's mum's name for snakes! I think we are venturing over to the Long Mile Road on Saturday to see Mr Tattoo and his snake.....Can't wait!


  1. Fair play MW. I'd be a bit scared but sure you might as well.

  2. I guess my mother's never visiting your house! :-)

    Um...lizards have ears? :-)

    We shall bring a welcome present to him (her?) once the snake comes home. I guess, a goat? Maybe a frog?

  3. Ooh, I look forward to meeting (but not handling) Mr No Shoulders!

  4. I don't know what to say. IT cetainly make syour family prfile more interseting - is this all part of the new Goth image? Will you be wearing it on the montessori run? :)

  5. Ah Polka, I'm so sorry about the fact that your mum won't visit, but I just think the "no shoulders" is sooo cute.
    Mossie, he'll be delighted to meet you, don't worry he'll be in his cabinet thing, unless the husband gets drunk I can't see him coming out! (it'll be a he I think....I'm the dominant female in this house and I have enough hassle wrestling with my daughter for that position)
    Jo, at the moment if I were to wear him to the montessori it would be as a bracelet as he's tiny, but who knows in a few years when he's full grown I'll drape him around my shoulders, slip into my PVC catsuit and pop out to Superquinn! I think our family has decided that we want to live a little bit more dangerously......wait and see!

  6. Beat me to the post! Damn me and my slothful posting. I'll have to do sloppy seconds so. See above.