Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shelter from the storm

A guy who was sleeping rough was crushed to death in a skip in Limerick yesterday after he climbed into it to sleep for the night.

It puts into perspective some of the fluff I write about here that I think is important and that I do for my job.

Sorry, not a happy post but I've been thinking about it all day.


  1. I know, it's awful. We are all worried about houses and can we afford them or will our house be worth less next year than it is now, and there are people in Ireland sleeping in skips. I'm a firm believer in there but for the grace of God, go I! That man was alone, for whatever reason, and there are reasons.

  2. Do you remember years ago at the 1st or 2nd Feile in Thurles some young one was sleeping at the side of the road and got run over by a cleaning truck in the early hours. All crushing stories are tragic.

    Speaking of, Colm Meaney was on the radio this morning talking about a film he has on the horizon about a tube driver who's had two suicides fall in front of his train and is now seeking out a 3rd so he can get the set 10 years off work fully paid. Very catchy plot.

  3. When I was growing up a bunch of scumbags set a homeless guy on fire. Thats pretty sick.

    Sad about the dead homeless guy in Limerick; when I heard about the story I was afraid it might be Twenty Major ..