Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sleepless in.......

I never had trouble sleeping when I worked outside the home. But I've been to bed and am back up again. When this happens recently, I get up and make lists of all the things on my mind and then go back to bed and feel fine. I love my lists.

But what's keeping me awake tonight is different. I have a pain in my foot.

Now ordinarily that's not much of a big deal. But I'm flying to Geneva on Thursday morning and going onto Interlaken to run on Saturday in the World Long Distance Uphill Championships which sounds scary bit isn't. It's also the Jungfrau marathon. Which means it's 26.2 miles and most of it is uphill. So because of this, the pain in my foot is worrying........slightly.

I've kinda convinced myself that I'll wake up tomorrow and it will be gone. Fingers crossed (or toes). Now I better go find some ice.......


  1. oh Ash, hope your foot feels better. asfor sleeplessness you have had a huge change in your life recently, there's bound to be some transition

  2. Thanks MW. I'm sure it'll be fine! There's always a certain amount of paranoia before every big event. I have so much to do tonight I reckon I'll fall asleep no hassle!

  3. Feel guilty that it's slightly too late to wish you good luck Ash but, good luck!