Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Am I a Star-F'er?

SL thinks so! :-)

I somehow always have some type of contact with people who are famous in some way. Best example...when growing up, a boy and his sister moved into our (f'ing posh) neighborhood. He was different from the other kids (as was I), and we would ride bikes and hang out at his house. I barely remember the sister but do remember his father. Turns out the sister was Angelina Jolie.

A friend was on tour with a singer, and I happened to find out he was in town. We managed to go see him backstage, where he proceeded to tell Aimee Mann that a mutual friend was the most beautiful woman in the world (man, I totally told hte friend that too...).

This summer, we hung with a relatively well known movie star's family a little.

And believe me...there's plenty more where that came from!! Okay, it helps that I worked in Hollywood for a while, including for Janeane Garofalo's managers (who were also Tim Allen and Drew Carey's managers), so did meet quite a few people there (Jodie Foster in the elevator, Tom Cruise in a theme park, and Edward James Olmos there as well!)

Maybe I just talk about it more...but SL likes to just call me Star-F'er. :-)

(And this post might be a little disjointed...a small baby decided to wake up every.freaking.hour last night)


  1. I once met Jamie Leigh Curtis on the Channel Tunnel....

  2. I love these surreal star meeting stories.

    Did you see the end of the Simpson's movie with Tom Hanks asking for privacy? I'd love to know if he came up with that bit or they did.

    I'd love to have famous friends - Bono, because he might buy me some land, Tom Dunne because I love him and his cutey little voice, Johnny Depp because well, duh, Oprah, maybe and the list goes on.

  3. I suppose the biggest star I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with would be Matthew McConnaghy, westlife, Six (remember them), geordie la forge from star trek, Sinead O Connor, and many many famous Irish actors but I do get to work with a lot of the lesser known DJ's from Ireland aswell ;) Tom Dunne being one of them. He has a lovely little girl 2 weeks older then my little angel so Daddy talks are common, and it proves he aint as cool as the kids think lmaoj

  4. I once had a slash at the Meteors Awards alongside David Gray, Ronan Keating was at the sinks and Elton John was walking in the door.......... I decided at that point that selling lollypops in male toilets while peddling diluted aftershave was not a good career option

  5. Matthew McConnahey! Woo.

    Tom Dunne is definitely not cool - but surely he's very nice, no?

  6. Ok, I'm the exact opposite, loads of oppertuinity to meet celebrities, even some i like but I just think it's rotten. When someone becomes a celebrity it's almost like they lose some of their humanity along with their ability to buy a pint of milk without being mobbed, I'll have to write a post on it all I suppose

  7. Sigh...see...

    Tom Dunne: interviewed him in the States for my college radio show. I still have it somewhere around here. We're talking...1990?

    Tom Hanks: went to a friend's house who had him on speed dial.

    Simpson's movie: a friend is a writer and a producer on the Simpsons

    I do have tons of stories, don't I? Helps that hubby took me to the Emmys one year when it was on my birthday.

    Oh, and Bono's actually kinda scary in person. We see him a lot. His wife is lovely tho...

  8. But look at their desperate pleas for normalcy:

    'I can work the handle on any car, it's really not that hard'

    -The Lemonheads

    And htat's al lI can't think of right now, other than 'I vant to be alone!'

  9. But that's what I'm saying...I don't mean to show off, I just have so much in my past connected with so many people, and I'm so open about things that I just say 'em

  10. Taht is coincidental about TD - I don't think any of this makes you a star fucker, I think you have to go chasing them to qualify!

  11. I only say in jest Polka :) Jo is right - in order to be a starfucker (or is it star fucker? Or star-fucker? But I digress) you have to pursue them and seek to be their friend or associate simply because they are who they are and you don't so that, do you?

    You simply have had a lot of association in your past, as you say. The difference is, I think, that because you're American you're very open and upfront about all this.

    I've observed over the years here that Irish people tend to be almost secretive and clannish about "celebrity" associations. Part of it is the "sure leave them alone" thing, part is not wanting to appear to be boastful (that stretches back through centuries of not having anything), part is good old fashioned begrudgery of the "who does Mr Flash think he is anyway?" variety.

  12. Actually after the text you sent me yesterday about who has just moved into your road and how you have a spy telescope set up looking into his house, you are a complete and total star-fucker (I've settled on that spelling) Polka. Total.

  13. I can't have the telescope set up to see in his house, he's on the same side as me. I do have it set up to bounce the reflection off the window of the people across the street from him, and I can pick it up that way.....

    See, I'm not a star-fucker. They come to me. I'm a star-attracter!!!