Saturday, September 22, 2007


Funny, I just read MW's comment about vanilla perfume on the Vulva post - I used to wear vanilla perfume from the Body Shop when I was younger, around the time I met my husband. Everywhere I went I'd hear people asking each other, 'What's that smell, it's like those sweets,' or more often just 'Smella Flogs! Remember them!' I thought it smelled like playdough, as did many others. I loved it. Then they went and changed it and it's not the same any more.

My last two bottles were bought for me by my lovely cousin, one was confiscated at an Oasis concert (that's what I get) and thrown in a big bin (bastards!!) and the other was lost when I left my handbag on the train in Prague, on the way back to the airport. More about that later.

My cousin sent me a bottle of something else a few years ago that was pretty much the same, but since having my daughter I've gone off perfume. It felt wrong to be coating a teeny in synthetic or even strong smells, and I so hated when she was handed back smelling of old-lady perfume, it put me off.

But I loved the vanilla while I had it. And it certainly seemed to do the trick, pheromone-wise.


  1. There is s vanilla scent in Loccitane, it's very strong! I love my perfumes so I wear them even when the kids are babies, when my eldest was a baby I didn't, at some point I just felt like I wanted to be me, smells and all, when Polka lets me hold her baby she says he smells like me afterwards! I don't think I wear strong perfumes though. I love it when my mum holds the baby and hands him back, he smells like the perfume she has always worn!

  2. This is a sad note, entirely unrelated to your great post Jo but this is number 39 for this week making it the second busiest week ever for posts here.

    I like numbers.

    /slinks off

  3. I love how smell works. As its supposed to be, I prefer the smell of men's perfumes over women's.

    SL - I think you should give a weekly stats update for the stats nerds like me.

  4. For anyone else suitaby interested the blog archive on the RHS of the page is broken up into weekly blocks. Last week there were 39(!) posts, the seond highest since the second week of the blog in June where there were 43.

    Anyone wanting to know about site traffic/number of visitors etc just drop me a mail :)