Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome Sammy!

This afternoon we had a new arrival and we are now a family of six! The bank balance is now two hundredish euro lighter and we have a little red snake, about a foot long and about the width of a biro, living in a little tank ( in the corner of the living room!

He is so cute, the one in the picture looks a lot like Sammy No Shoulders, except he quite unusually has no marks on the bottom of his body (piano keys), he is sticking his little head up occasionally but every time I get the phone close enough to take a picture he goes all camera shy!

So here is a photo of his environment, this tank will last him for about 6 to 12 months before he grows out of it and we are planning on installing a bearded lizard when he moves into his grown up home......I know, once you start it's addictive!

His birthday is 7/7/2007....weird, and he's to be fed every Thursday, so on a Thursday from now on I'll be driving over to Walkinstown to buy a frozen baby mouse (pinky mouse) from Mr Tattoo! I'm sure Someone Living will have a much more entertaining take on the whole event,but that's it for now!

Oh next stop on my strange midlife crisis is another tattoo, I'm trying to decide between shoulder and thigh as a location!


  1. Thigh? Ow! Also less chance of size and skin change on your shoulder, so the picture will probably stay closer to its original form.

    Surely there's baby mice closer to you than Walkinsown, and wouldn't you keep a supply in your own freezer?

  2. I'm sure there are nearer frozen mice but it's just down the road from my mum's house, so it's no bother. No I wouldn't like to keep them in the freezer, the kids would spend most of the day opening the freezer to look at the little mites!

  3. I couldn't possibly dream of doubling up on your entertaining story ;)

  4. 7/7/7 eh? There must be significance in that.

    It's gas how every jo punter from all walks of society get tattoos these days. I think they can be lovely but would still never go there myself. I'm probably very unique at this stage not having any tattoos or piercings.

  5. Oh hush chile! The kids haven't stopped looking in "just to see how Sammy is" but that'll pass soon and I'll be left with the actual tasks of snake rearing.

    All I can add is my own warm glow that at my age I'm not too afraid to try new things, sometimes extremely new things. And I still haven't given up of the idea of a tattoo. Why not? I like them :) Had my nose pierced when I was in my 20s.