Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vision and pain...

I realised this evening I have dudd eyes. Yet my eye failings are of the stupid sort that produce headaches. Since I was a kid I can only see with one eye in sunlight, every picture of me was one eye squinting, and society wouldn't allow people wear sunglasses in Ireland until the last 6 years or so. Going from indoors to outdoors gives me a headache if I don't have my sunglasses on.

I can't double focus. If I was sitting upstairs at the front of the bus, I couldn't look out without getting a pain in my head because of the silver bar blocking your centre vision.

Then there's the looking at someone sitting at your side - that gives the biggest headache. I can't sit on the same side of bus, table etc as someone and expect to make eye contact.

Then there's driving without my glasses - more pain.

And now the latest is driving at night and focussing in the distance, gives a really bad headache.

I know, I know, I'm going to get my eyes checked this week, but I'm an optician conspiracy theorist. I don't believe a word they say. Their sole purpose is to sell me glasses and I'm having none of it.

btw, Queen Rania has nothing to do with this posting. I just think she's one of the most beautiful women in the world and deserves our attention.


  1. My friend used to work for Raina's mother in law, and now works for her husband's school. :-)

    As for the glasses, it killed me to have to get them (3 years ago). But it made such a difference in my life! I'm not so tired, and things look right again. In the optiitan's defense, I went about 3 months ago for an eye test, as it felt that things are getting fuzzy again. She told me I didn't need anything, that my prescription hadn't changed. Hope that helps the conspiracy theory!

  2. I@m having similar worries with my teeth - my eyes are way down the list - I just stopped wearing my glasses after I ahd a grabbing baby and never went back!

    Eyes, teeth, backs - all these vitally important and unnaffordably expensive neccessities!

  3. I've made an appointment for tomorrow. I'll let you know.

    btw JM - I checked that Marian Keyes site and was crying laughing at some of her stories. I've signed up to her newsletter.

  4. Cool! She is really funny. And seems to live in DunLaoighre! Polkadot, do you know her address? :)

  5. Should I start my comments "I'm not a star-fucker, but...."?

    I have a friend, through a mums and toddler group, who is a writer. And her first book was published just over a year ago. She had a lovely launch party, at the bookstore on Grafton St (and me and the good friend who is now in Jordan went for sushi after, YUM!). Well, turns out that MK was there, since she knew Suzanne! Even funnier, I remarked to her "Sorry, but, do you go to *insert hair salon here*?", she laughed and said "Yes! Do you go to John too?!" You can always spot John's hair :-).

    So...erm....I kinda do know her address :-). Wander around Dun Laoghaire for a bit, and you'll bump into her.

  6. Polka - I'd love to be in a position to be a SF. I was in Jordan in April staying with a friend who works in a school there who also worked in the summer schools of Rania and Abdullah. She's a Derry woman.

  7. Milan, I'm getting a little freaked out...does she work at King's Academy? By any chance, in the press office?

  8. She's a teacher in an international school with a similar title.

  9. We must chat offline sometime :-). My friend is the PRO for KA...the school, not the King himself