Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ode to the Revenue Commissioners

Here I hang, broken-hearted,
Money owed before I started;
Cowan got his VAT to chew
But still much more tax is due!

Watch as more accounts will drain;
Halloween just brings me pain.
Someday I'll make it through:
Earn my money---and keep it too.


  1. Footnote: because I'm self-employed I have to file VAT returns every two months. It takes a lot of getting used to, this system where lots of the cash arriving in your bank account isn't actually yours.

    Sometimes you can forget this, and suddenly scramble to figure out how to pay it in to The Man.

    The new fix: set up a second savings account, and each time you get paid, immediately transfer the VAT part over to the other account. That way, when it's time to do the VAT return, you've already got it set aside.

    Assuming you remember to do that transfer, of course... sigh.

  2. Ah, you guys are so organised....we don't pay VAT as you have to earn over a certain amount, but the tax is supposed to go into an account, we always have something that gets in the way of the money and the account, so for us it's put our money in the credit union when we remember and then tehy allow us to borrow the required amount at a really low rate, we pay it back and our savings are intact....complicated I know, but up until last year we had the head in the sand approach so this is good for us!

  3. Tax? Easier said than done when it doesn't come straight out of your pay.

    Pop quiz - which one of our contributors works for the Revenue?