Thursday, September 20, 2007

We're all part of the Special One's Army....

Ok, I'm a big girlie wuss and I love Jose. I can forgive him anything just because of his appearance. His arrogance, pride, stubborness, etc. are all charming to me. My subconscience always seems to equate beauty in men with virtue. I'll meet someone new and think, he seems like a genuiely nice person - then later I'll realise that I only thought that because he was pretty. I maintain that Ralph Fiennes was miscast in Schindler's List because how could someone with such pretty eyes be a bad guy. I know, I came out the film and my friend was aghast and horrified by the atrocities of humankind, and in my head I was thinking, I wish was Helen (the Jewish girl the Commandant secretly fancied).

Ok, I think I'm starting to sound like the "he didn't mean to beat me up" type, but it's not like that, as SL & MW will confirm, I'm anything but girlie. I'm just setting aside a moment to appreciate the Special One.

As for the title bar - wouldn't it be great if we had Jose as Ireland manager. If he joined 12 months ago we would definitely be on our way to Austria/Switzerland, who knows how far we could go. What's 5 million euro when we could have Jose going for pints in Dublin. Then Polka could introduce me to him and I'd just watch.


  1. Eh, no, no. You are a complete girlie. A big one.

  2. Hi Milan - This has nothing to do with Jose although he is fine but you put a comment for me on one of my (ok my only Blog) earlier and with my crap computer I am at a loss - what is

    Curiosity kill cat etc

  3. Why that's my favourite farside cartoon ever. It's a link - copy and paste in to the address bar?

  4. PIP - its the the fear that somewhere somehow there's a duck watching you. All time classic Gary Larson cartoon. If you can't access ask the Overlord to send it to you. He knows how to do these things.