Friday, September 21, 2007

Smells like....

I just saw an ad for a new perfume, Vulva (warning: not safe for work!). Yup. That's what I said.

It's not perfume for the va-jay-jay, it just mimics the smell of the, er, personal area. So it's the ol phermones trick again. But...what a name, eh?


  1. OH MY GOD! Where do I start??

    I thought the suave but sleazy guy ws sniffin' his finger at first glance - that would have been classy...

    Thjis is so funny. I wonder is it treated? With base and top notes, or do htey just syphon off some goo?

    And how do you know it's the scent of a beautiful woman? It might be the scent of a shedful of grannies...

    Has anyone read Tom Robbins? In Even Cowgirls Get the Blues htere's a women's Spa/retreat place called The Rubber Rose and one thing the women there learn to do it put a dab of their 'personal essence' on thier neck, and it's all the perfume they'll ever need. While I find that right-on in a 70's kind of way, 'Vulva'is just ridiculous.

    I wonder will there be cheap knock offs selling on Henry Street called 'Cunt'. Excuse me for those I've just offended. :)

    And finally, I love that there's 'Vulva Original', as if htey're plannign to release other flavours! I've gone far enough already, so I'll leave you to speculate privaely what they could be...

    This has made my day! And of course, my Christmas shopping is going to get a lot easier.

  2. This is the Best Post Yet. A prize for Polka, Blog Overlord!

  3. Bloody work firewall won't let me click on it!

  4. I like the word va-jay-jay (can't stand the real words) or as Charlotte in SATC calls it her c u next Tuesday.... Jo your shedload of grannies comment was a scream, a perfume jesus is this real, I cant log on to that site????

  5. Oh my god again, I only just watched the video. If you're surrounded by beautiful women, why would you want to be sniffing organic (!) love juice off the back of your hand as they gyrated in front of you - I think I'd be quite put out if someone insisted on sniffing someone else's erotic odours prior to doing me.

    Ladies, can you imagine a women's version? Would they call it 'Penis' - the erotic odour of jiz...or possibly smegma.

  6. I read Even Cowgirls get the blues years ago and I remember the dabbing tip....never tried it, then again until recently Musk was used in scent and that's made from animal sex smells isn't it. Apparently men love the smell of vanilla, it's very erotic!

  7. On an unrelated note I hate the word penis.

  8. Everyone hates the word penis. I don't think anyone's very fond of vagina either.

  9. I'm with ye too, the p word is worse than the v word.