Monday, October 22, 2007

42% of random stats-offs begin here....

Yes it's another -off and this time its a stats-off. Make up your own random, yet 100% genuine factual piece of information statistic. Here are some to get us going:

34% of all shades of red have copper as a primary chemical base.
3% of all christmas no. 1's have the word "Jesus" in the lyrics.
12% of the braincells used to create this posting were created 14 years ago.
97.33% of Irish people have come into contact with a red haired person.
82% of surrealist jokes end in the word fish.
54% of Irish people now pronounce "many" as "man-y" as opposed to "men-y" - a worrying trend.
26% of persons who say that statistics are made up are lactose intolerant.

And it's all 100% true and I expect you to quote these statistics to your friends and colleagues over the coming week.

Can anyone enlighten us further through numbers?

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  1. 19.8% of the posts on this blog are, in fact, computer generated. Can you guess which contributors are AI?