Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I love Parma Violet sweets.... Anyone else? I think they have a flowery sweet taste, I'm not sure why they are called what they are, do they have flowers in them?

The only problem is I can only buy them in a variety pack of sweets, I have to take them out before the kids see them (although my daughter said they taste like shampoo, but if they know I want them then suddenly so will they!)

I love a lot of crap sweets from my youth, I don't indulge much, I'm too scared of type 2 diabetes (it's a sugar tightrope that I walk along)! Wham bars and sherbet dabs haunt my dreams at night! So if there is anyone out there, let me know what dirty sweet secrets you have from your youth!


  1. OMG I've been saying that for years. I really miss fizzle sticks, they had an amazing taste. MW had a party years ago with tons of sweets & she promised me that there would be fizzle sticks but she lied.

    The other thing I always remember is liqurice ice pops, like choc ice but with liquorice round the ice cream.

  2. Oh Milan, that sounds yeuch. Are you sure, liqourice and ice cream?

  3. Jelly babies, in a paper bag. Because Tom Baker's Doctor carried them. I had a scarf too.

  4. Parma Violets uuuuggh, your daughter is correct in her analysis.

    I love the sherbet fountains (except the liqourice) and also had a big thing for love hearts. mmmmm.

  5. I tried to get you fizzle sticks....Jesus! How about our next blog get to gether revolves around sugar? everyone sources a sweet from their youth...brings enough to share? I love the sherbert things too, but I love liqourice, so I always ate my stick (no comment) before I was finished the sherbert, fortunately my brother hated liqourice...so it worked out well! You can buy huge love hearts, and you can get your own personal messages...Imagine, here darling I got these for you, Oh wow, You shouldn't have.....wait, this says You have VD, or You're dumped! Someone, you were in college when you had that scarf!

  6. My friend had a sweet table, coplete with giant lolipops, at her weddng in New York.

    I liked double dips, and our local shop did great little white bonbons with a soft outside and hard chewy centre. Much nicer than the big ones you get noe.

    Also big yellow refreshers, with the sherbet in the middle. My friend and my brother and I once daringly bought a hundred! Well, we gae him three quid and sent him to the shop...

    Icecreams of yore I feel a post coming on...

  7. I reckon you can still get all those mentioned above, alas, except for the fizzle sticks.....aw :-(

  8. Ash I don't think I was imagining but you never know