Sunday, October 21, 2007

The A issue...

Further to MW's confessions on abortion & the last posting I thought I'd open it up to our world. I'm very in the closet anti-abortion. I don't even like saying the word. When my friends talk vehement pro-choice I pretend to agree cause I feel like a social outcast, but at the same time I think its extremely tragic, the most tragic part of modern society. Divorce, euthanasia, contraception all those other old school issues don't come anywhere near. The sadness I feel is not that there is the possibility that worthwhile life begins at conception (the agnostic view), not that this means its possible that abortion is terminating life but that this possible human termination is seen as a sacred human right! Part c is the biggest tragedy of all. We have a world with mass murder going on all the time, there always has and will be, but at what other point in the history of civil society has the possible murder of the most vulnerable humans been enshrined as virtue? It makes me ashamed to be from this generation. Where we've reached mass hysteria in protecting children from paediophilia, protecting the other possible children is seen as Nazism.

(revised conclusion)I know there's tons of grey to the issue & I'd be cynical to be high & mighty when the capitalist world I partake in is enough to kill thousands every day, but I just think the possibility of life is worth something & that quality of life doesn't always supersede that. Is there ever an answer.


  1. I think my mother said it right..."No one is pro-abortion."

    But I do have a huge issue with someone telling me what I can and can't do with my own body, especially a man (who is normally who makes these decisions). Heck, tampons and pads are still taxed, cause they're "luxury items". If they can't understand that, they can't understand much (the gov, I mean).

  2. I think if you haven't yet you should go over and read MWs excellent post on her blog.

    I'm with her unfortunately so why, like her, do I feel like apologising? When I was young and full of pith and vinegar I was as pro-choice as the next angry student, after all who should tell anyone what to do with their anything, man? Right?

    As time has gone on though, and probably with having kids of my own, my stance has changed. I'm not one of the headcases and Youth Defencers who'd picket clinics and kneecap doctors if they could, not at all, I just believe in calling a spade a spade.

    I believe that life begins at conception. They're not cells a foetus or an embryo, they're a little person. Leave he or she alone in there and they become a big person just like you or me. I don't necessarily believe in prohibition though so if you are going to do it call a spade a spade. You're choosing to terminate the life of a little person. A real human being. Do it by all means but don't faff about with scientific or flowery language or wanky arguments as to when cells become an embryo become a foetus. It's a baby.

    I saw the documentary the other night too. I wonder how many peoples ideas would be changed if they had seen a little bloody arm being scraped out from between a woman's legs just as I did?

    The more interesting question is though why, if I believe all this as I do, do I feel like I should aplogise or qualify it in some way? It's not a "right on" opinion to have by any means as most of the other ones in my life are, maybe that's it.

  3. I saw the add for the documentary and wanted to see it but couldn't bring myself to. Don't do squeemishness at the best of times.