Saturday, October 20, 2007


I wrote a whole, measured response to MW's abortion post, then my sick husband came down the stairs with the baby just as I'd finished, and I closed it instead of posting it.

I wrote this about two hours ago, just getting to it now.
One sick husband, one attention seeking four year old, a baby with thrush who's given it to me and massive breastfeeding issues are ensuing - milk supply dwindling, baby feeding every two hours at night (OW!) I think it's a growth spurt too, resting, baby losing beautiful head of hair (he's half bald now!) - such trials and tribulations.

So no posting for me for the moment - in an ideal world I'd be in bed, eating well and drinking fluids and upping my milk supply (sorry, I know this isn't an infantasia post) but it's not ideal. Nope.
*Just kidding about the balding baby - he is losing his hair, but I can handle it. Really.


  1. An average day of parenthood Jo, nice to scare the civillians every now and then :)