Thursday, October 18, 2007

Enjoy the game?

Before I start I am not a massive football fan, but I do enjoy the International side of football.

Was that not an absolute disgrace last night? I feel for Staunton, he was a great player for Ireland for so many years but unfortunately it looks like this "managerial" role will be what he is remembered for. As for John Delaney, yes he has improved the domestic side of Irish football but I think he should do the right thing now and admit he screwed up with his appointment of Staunton, his world class manager.

16000 people did not show up last night for the game, people were ejected from the stadium for putting up a "Delaney out" banner, Dunphy talked about the media being threatened, what are the FAI at.


  1. I had to listen to my son and husband go on about this last's football, we aren't good at it....119 medals were won in the Special Olympics by the Irish competitors in China....maybe we should celebrate that. Sorry mister but after listening to the armchair coaching theorys of a 34 and 9 year old Irish male I'm losing my mind, I mean my patience!Now my rant is over....How are you? And your lovely wife and baby? Was the zoo fun?

  2. LMAO I had no one at home that I could blab on too so I took my blab out here, also because I know my weekly posts are reducing to 1 a week and I dont want himself getting a hump over it.

    I do agree however that the result from China is something we should be proud of, pity the media dont give as much to that success! but hey thats the sort of era we now live in, all people seem to want to know about is the bad news not the good.

    The zoo BTW was fantastic photos have been posted on that other page I reside on.

  3. john u watching football i went into my room to get away from it but this morning on tv3 it was all talk about the game i believe all the irish fans were booing. of course when it was over your father gave me a running comentary on it so i did nt get away from it after all

  4. I'm so tired of all of this and in such a state of morbid acceptance that I can't comment.