Thursday, October 18, 2007


Shan's post about the match last night reminded me that we went to see Shamrock Rovers play last Friday night. I've never really been into football, nor has my husband, but two of the kids love it and we thought it would be fun. Anyway it was full of German soccer fans over for last weekends match against Ireland. We were totally surrounded by their very vocal chanting and shouting!
Of course the 5 year old, not being familiar with people speaking a different language thought that everything they said was "bad words" i.e curses! For all we know I'm sure most of them were!


  1. I did german in school.....a lot of it sounds dirty!

  2. I am sure they were probably bemused at our own home league. I have gone to see Bray wanderers in the past, when I first moved to Bray as a way of supporting my community, and one of the games I went to see was them against Newcastle United. Oh sweet jesus what an eyeopener, one of our premiership teams against a UK premiership team, it made Bray look so bad.

  3. They do say it's a gutteral language - it all sounds like porn!

    Stephen Fry was very funy on QI, saying all modern German sounds really camp - they call a mobilee a 'handi' and he did this greta camp GErman voice going 'Oh, ver ist mine Handi?' - probably not the same in text!

  4. A group of fans ending up in a Shamrock Rovers match sounds like the beginning of a bad RTE comedy sketch :)

  5. They seemed to enjoy it Shan! And Midge and Jo, it does sound coarse doesn't it? SL they were actually invited, I think they were canvassed at the airport. They seemed to enjoy it, they got behind Rovers.

    Unfortunately they lost 2-0 to Drogheda.

  6. Stephen Fry speaks very good German. an English friend in Germany last year said she probably wouldn't go to the pub that night, I said so will you be taking it handy, she said I have my mobile phone. Cultures, eh.