Thursday, October 04, 2007

Going to the bank is costing me money...

I have a habit of needing to go to the bank on Wednesday mornings. Don't know why but it always happens to be Wednesdays. In this country Wednesday mornings are the day when bank officials get a lie-in. That is, they don't open till ten thirty. But I always happen to forget this and arrive there by 9:30 looking in the window like the little match girl with a "let me in" face. So what happens then is I try to kill time by wandering around Penneys (cheap clothing shop) for an hour, thinking that things cost nothing in Penneys therefore I won't spend much. Yeah right.

An hour later I have bought numerous pairs of pyjamas, knickers, socks and a couple of tops and my purse is between fifty and a hundred euro lighter. Maybe the bank is in cahoots (what a word!) with Penneys and they have this all planned. I actually think Penneys marketing people are very clever cos I'd never go into Brown Thomas and drop a hundred lids on a whim but I do it with cheap stuff all the time!

Fools and their cash are easily seperated.


  1. I'm like that too, not big into shopping, but where their are sales involved I can but lots of crap that I never use.

  2. I love me the Penneys!! (You've just reminded me, I need pj's.)

    Which do we think is the biggest? The one on Henry Street? I bought one of their candles for 2 euros, and it's a better (smellier) than one that someone gave me that's Laura Ashley!

    Maybe it's just knowing that "ah, sure, it's just 3 euros for a winter coat".

  3. I think Henry Street/ Mary Street is the best. They sell toiletries aswell as clothes, which Dundrum doesn't; toothpaste/ wipes etc. that are proper brands, not Penneys own.

    And as soon as you hear their Christmas jingle, it never leaves your head until february.

    "Penneys.... got a whole lotta things....."

  4. It's weird Ash but that happens to me all the time. The only times I can justify spending money on myself (books, cds, clothes, music) are if something is reduced in some way.

    Saw a programme on the Beeb a while back about the West's obsession with cheap goods and how we buy cheap crap we never use. Scarily right.