Thursday, October 04, 2007

Post 502

I can't believe we passed Post 500 and no-one noticed! I'm intensely proud of everyone for this little island community we've created, for those who have made time to blog here (sometimes to the detriment of their own individual blogs, admittedly and I include myself in that) and those who were newbies to the concept but who have jumped in so wholeheartedly.

Well done to everyone.


  1. Fair play to us. I think its time us stats junkies had a bit more fun. Can you tot up of those 500 posts, how many attribute to each LB picker (a reference we haven't seen in some time) and maybe some comment stats, the most commented posting, the biggest commentator. The number of outside comments, etc.

  2. Biggest commentator would be The Great Overlord, I think. And he does the most comments too.

  3. Milan I could, but I have a life :) You could easily take up the job ;)

    Biggest commenter? I think not.