Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ice creams of Yore

One thing I love about going on holiday is that you can get the ice cream of your child hood, still being cheerfully supplied, to freezers on the continent! In funchal we found raspberry splits and Freaky Feet! (Or was it Funny Feet?) Exotically in Bologna airport, my daughter had a black cherry and amaretto Cornetto, very classy, very tasty - clearly considered too good for the likes of us potato eating scruffs.
But some things may be gone forever. This is to be an interactive post. Here we go, I'll start:
Reminiscinces about ice cream #1: The Zanzibar - an upper class melding of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, twisted together and, yes, I think it's appropriate, enrobed in the creamiest milk chocolate.

#2: The original Chunky Choc - Cadbury's do this great chocolate icecream, not very chocolatey, more cocoa-y, but so tasty, and it had the same chocolate coating and it was wrapped in a paper wrapper, I miss the paper wrappers. The vanilla chunky of today is crap, who buys it?

#4: The Kilimanjaro: I was too young to have one of these but my husband mourns them - a triangular icecream covered in pink strawberry chocolate? It sounds fanciful - should I believe him?

#5: I have a dream like memory of eating an ice cream while on holiday on Achill Island - Raspberry Ripple, in push pop form, in a carboard tube, pushed up with a stick. Retro!

#6: We went on a school trip to HB, isn't that fab?All I remember was two people from 6th class got soaked in the spray from as burst pipe (sudsy water, not icecream, sadly, not very Willy Wonka). they had to go home in HB boiler suits. Very cool. And we all got a Cornetto and a Choc Ice each on the bus on the way back.

Maybe we could have a 4£9s masked excursion to HB?


  1. remember Hiawatha? Ice cream in the shape of an indian chiefs head!

  2. I grew up beside the HB factory!!!! Aw happy days.....

  3. Where is this elusive HB factory???

    My big school trip was a one way flight to Shannon, Bunratty castle and the train back. My new generation friends laugh but at the time it was like a school trip to Mars, I never knew anyone who'd ever been near a plane at the time.

    No new ice cream to add.

  4. I've just realised I posted a picture of a magnum - how inappropriate.

  5. The HB factory was in Rathfarnham (right opposite Nutgrove shopping centre) but it's gone now and they're currently building an Aldi or Lidl or a Texas Homebase kinda place being built there. Aahhh progress.....

  6. That second last sentence was a bit wrong but you know what I mean.....

  7. The raspberry ripple in push up form - that was called a shuttle! Well, thats how I remember it, I loved it. I think they were out in or around 1982.

    Someone already mentioned the Hiawatha, and I remember the funny feet.

    I live in Berlin now and one thing they don't have here is Mint Feast! And they don't have proper 99s or cones either, just a split cone like half chocolate and half vanilla. Its not the same as our ice cream van stuff, 99 with flake which I rarely had as a kid.

    Remember the Chilly Willies?? They wouldn't call an ice pop that anymore!!! lol