Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I went to the cinema with my friend last night, she works in Cineworld in Parnell street (she calls it CineHell), so she gets free admission for herself and her friend to any movies she wants to see. As a keen movie goer this almost makes up for the crap wages!

So we went to see "Stardust", it was a lovely fairytale, very dark though and I wouldn't want my nine year old to see it.

But before the movie started we saw four great movie trailers for the big Christmas season, and my movie friend recommended another one, so for your enjoyment here they are!

This is the film version of "Northern Lights" book the first of the Dark Materials trilogy, they were the last books I read that I literally couldn't rest until I'd finished them, lots of nights I read all night!

And this film is one we didn't see the trailer for but my date said its supposed to be really good...Enjoy!


  1. I thought Michelle Pfieffer's eyes in the Stardust Trailer were super scary - I wish the tv channels wouldn't shope trailers forr scary films before 8pm or so even if there's nothing specifially 15s or 18s in the trailer, the music, atmos and immagery are all still there.

  2. 6 videos MW, that must be a new record. 1- want to see that film. 2 - not pushed on it despite Seinfeld, 3 - for no reason Natalie Portman annoys the feck out of me these days. 4 - That Vince Vaughan one looks great, i'll def try and catch that and 5 the Enchantment one. 6 - I want to see this but would rather read the books first cause they've pc-ed down the films.