Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Beginning to look a lot like.....

With only 76 shopping days left till Christmas I went out yesterday and got all the ingredients for my Christmas pudding!! Ha ha, all you people who think Christmas starts too early, you're gonna hate me for this one! I love it! I think the run up to Christmas can't start early enough......and why not, sure there is just so much to do and no point rushing it!!! :-)

I am now up to my ears in glace cherries and bottles of guinness! I love the whole process of making a pudding. Besides the actual mixing of ingredients (and wish making for the kids when they stir it!) I love preparing the pudding bowls and tieing them up with string and the boiling for 8 hours. But I particularly love the eating! I usually make enough pudding to get me to Easter!

I've made my Christmas present buying list already and have booked a shopping trip on the boat to Cheshire Oaks Outlets with the girls for the end of November. And there are actually two presents we plan on wrapping tomorrow but you'll have to allow me that much as they're for the Samaritans Purse Christmas Child appeal.

Anyway I was just having another one of those sleepless nights and thought I'd wreck your heads with this Christmas stuff......


  1. SL has already answered on me Facebook but when is it too early to start your Xmas shopping????

  2. It's never too early TB! If I see something for someone I just buy it. I have a list of people to buy for so I just cross them off the list!

  3. It's no fun unless you leave it til 2 days before.

    I love christmas too. I love the lead up part, with the going on the batter every night for 3 weeks - and I love the after part which starts on Christmas eve where I don't set foot outside the door for a week and live life according to the RTE Guide Christmas special. It's been my routine for a number of years and it's the best.

  4. I've gotten most of the pressies when we were in the US over the summer, but yesterday got some stuff for Little Boy (hey, Legos are 20% off!). Never too soon, but decorating can wait a little bit. I still need to get through Halloween.

  5. I have - mine was 4pm on Christmas Eve. Anything previous is heresy! Went to Cheshire Oaks a few years ago Ash and it was truly exciting. Came home with bags of clothes for next to nothing.