Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Unbearable Pointlessness of Traffic

* with apologies to Milan Kundera

It drives me insane... the stupid, pointless, sitting in traffic...

Inching forward. Stopping. Inching forward. Stopping.

Watching the brake lights. Stopping.

Tiptoing between the clutch and the break. Stopping

Angrily eyeing the sneaky, peeky, nudging out, motorists who try and drift in front of you. Stopping.

Watching the traffic lights, hoping. Stopping.

There is never enough time to do anything else, because you need to keep inching forward. And stopping.

Radio drives me crazy - I twitch between stations, hammering the buttons at the first suggestion of stupidity or fuming at fake laughter...

Other drivers irritate me - if they're slow, if they're fast, if they're sneaky...

But most of all it annoys me that it is such a waste of time and effort and energy. I hate that I could get up at 6am and be in work in no time, but if I want to get up at a reasonable time - it'll take me two hours...

I don't have answers - but I have anger...


  1. My policy is a: avoid bad traffic where possible through back roads, wrong lanes, and the type of bus lanes and no left turns that you can get away with breaking rules on. B: when caught in the stop start sort - I read. I read Harry Potter for half an hour on Merrion Square (100 yards) a few months back.

    I have to add. Is Milan Kundera not the best name ever created in the history of all things created? It's so beautiful. When you say it repeatedly it flows, in meditative beauty. I challenge ye to come up with a more beautiful name.

  2. Isn't that what God gave us glorious public transport for? So we could have reading time every day?

  3. lyric Fm...add a screaming 6 month old and that's my life!