Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Non Made Up Statistics

So far we've had just shy of 10,000 visitors to the blog.

It averages between 80 and 100 a day (not bad for our little community).

Over the last 30 days our biggest day was Sept 24th (for some reason) with 124 visitors.

We're at the top of this category strangely: http://www.irishblogs.ie/categories/perfume/

Unfortunately we get regular traffic from the perverts here too: http://www.irishblogs.ie/search/?s=sex

The most popular entry page on the blog (apart from the frontpage of course) is http://forninepounds.blogspot.com/2007/07/b-to-a-to-r-c-k-o-b-m.html. Go figure.

Anyone who wants to trawl through the rest can mail me and I'll give you the username and password :)


  1. But how come NOBODY ever comments. Surely there'd have to be one or two. I know I defended the lurker when we talked about this before but it not longer makes sense to me. Who are these silent masses!

  2. Yea its a bit strange to have all those viewings, I'll block the scaryness for now. I still think most of them must be random hits. You never know. We could all have fan club stalkers out there.

    SL - I love stats & what you've revealed here. Any more stats are welcome.