Friday, October 12, 2007

Stalker, stalkee, it's all part of the game

I was courted last year by a man who can best be described as a middle aged nerd. I gave my number out of courtesy, he called me all the time, I did an Irish-woman on it and avoided saying no by avoiding saying anything at all and never responded to him. The main problem was that he didn't have a mobile and I had no means of non-interactive communication with him. So I couldn't text or email and say sorry no, and I wasn't brave enough to say no thanks in person or by phone. I did stalk back and tried by stealth to get his email address so I could politely address my non-interest but it didn't work and so I'm left with sporadic calls from my own personal nerdy suitor, and the consequent pride and guilt that this entails.

The moral I discussed at the time was, is it worth getting to know someone new if they don't own a mobile phone? It is a necessary fully functioning part of society now. I need non-interactive communication methods for everyone. There's always a need for it.

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