Thursday, October 04, 2007

Twisted Karma for MW

Well in direct irony to the snake problem, I have a mouse problem. I've had to concede I'm afraid of mice not spiders. My sister had Lindt bars under her pillow and all of a sudden there were mousey bites all over them - she left me to clean up. I searched every nook of the wall in the bedroom but ne'er a mouse to be found - even went round the skirting boards with a spoon to feel for holes. This was last week sometime, or the week before.

Anyway, my dad's been on mouse trap duty, and we've caught between 6 and 10, one time two at once. They're disgusting but I also feel really sad at them dying. I'm the type that lets the spiders out (yes I'm not generally afraid of spiders).

But this evening took the biscuit. My sister was in the room earlier and heard squeeling. A mouse had got caught in the trap but ran off with the trap on its back. He died 4 or 5 yards from where he got caught. It was a valiant attempt at survival. Then it took the 3 of us a while to find it. My room has a permant smell of dead rodent. Just as well I have no sense of smell.

Anyway, SL&MW I'm with you on the animal vigils. If only Sammy could make his way over here and scare off the mice and have the murder on his conscience and not mine. Yes I'm a murderer. Gonna have to do a major overhaul of the room if I get a change on Sunday.

And there was no way I was gonna put up an image for this one. I love Maisy the Mouse, I can handle cute cartoon anthropomorphic animals - but only that kind.


  1. My folks had a similiar problem, the very odd next door neighbour used to work for Independent Newspapers and upon retirement brought home 30 years of papers home.

    Two weeks later our house appeared to be swamped with bastarding rodents. Checked with him and he was having the same problem.

    The Da got one of those high frequency yokes, they're not worth a shite and fuck his wireless speakers up

  2. The high fequency yoke doesn't get rid of them, they tap danced round mine! It does seemed to keep them away once you've wiped them all out though...

    milan, you're going to have to get a snake, a bigger one though.

  3. Messy. Just don't get the "humane" glue traps. You end up with a squealing mouse with its legs broken that you then have to throw in a wheelie bin somewhere.

  4. Preferably someone you don't like. You know, a politician of some kind.