Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tchaicovsky knew how you all felt last Sat...

Forgot to mention this. Tchaikovsky - he of the introvert, closet gay, closet gay brother, married for cover, wife turned out to be nymphomaniac, tried to kill himself in the river, saved by brother - fame (and he wrote a few extremely heartfelt beautiful melodies along the way) had a correspondence with an older dowager in Moscow. Anyway, they corresponded by letter for years but never met. Opened up everything to each other but later on they had some falling out and it nearly killed him. Anyway, the story goes that they bumped into each other, face to face one night at the opera; took one look and both ran in the opposite direction. They were so intimate with each other in written form but couldn't handle the full frontal version.

Did any of this happen on Sat?

I know this much about music from a fabulous, totally informative yet readable to the Now/OK generation, history of music book by Harold Shonberg (not the composer).

Didn't he look well as a young-fella all the same.


  1. I run everytime I see SL in the flesh, still happens after 10 years of companionship

  2. We had a deal: I won't blush, Ash won't blush.

    It went fine.


  3. Companionship? Oh you sweetie. Now our secret is out...

    Jesus. Has it been 10 years? We actually figured that out the other night when we all talked about the absentees behind their backs! That you are now the age you obviously are makes me feel very old indeed.

    Tchaikovsky? Looks like me.