Thursday, October 04, 2007

What's wrong with this picture?

Okay...what's the misspelled word above?

Hand on my heart....

Shouldn't it be Leopord Woll Shelf?

Explain that one to me.  Really.  Explain it.


  1. I presume the last one means you can wait if ou're a middle class passenger with a destination, but not if you're homeless, which would mean you were loitering...

    like in Santa Barbara, all hte homelss people have shopping trolleys because they'e not allowed sit down anywhere!

  2. 1. Frappuccino. It's not a real word.

    2. Everyone needs one every now and again.

    3. Depends on what Leopord has ordered.

    4. Here there be hookers.

    Oh, and way to go on accidentally doing Post 500!

  3. SL you missed the missing "e" at the end of coffee.

    SL used to do lots of funny images in his other blog which I confess I haven't looked at in years, but out of all of them I think the "cleaner job wanted" is my all time favourite.

    JM - Dickens had a charatcter called Jo in either Our Mutual Friend, but I think it was in Bleak House, and the catch phrase around him was "move along" because the police kept telling him to move on because he was poluting their world but had nowhere to go so he just kept on moving along forever.

  4. The last one is the place in Maine where you wait for the water taxi, which has scheduled runs at 9pm! Makes no sense to me, that one.

    Jo, move along now, move along... :-D

    And whoo hoo! I don't post as much as some of you, but I guess I post at the right time (like when I'm backing up my phone and come across a whole bunch of pics that I intended to blog).

  5. Haven't looked at my other blog in years? That's cold.