Thursday, October 04, 2007

Made it, Ma! Top of the world!

It's probably the wrong way to interpret this: on the DART coming into Connolly Station this morning, I saw two people smoking up on top of the Bord Gáis building.


  1. I was in a coffee shop in Sligo last weekend and noticed staff from the one next door having their lunch in it.

    Also there always seems to be staff from Tescos on Baggot Street in the Spar down the road buying their lunches.

    Should I therefore avoid said Tescos and Coffee Shop if the staff won't eat there.

  2. Cool picture.....very end of the worldesque!

  3. The legendary Jimmy Cagney in White Heat unless I'm mistaken. We need to star referencing more classic movies here methinks.

    As for avoiding those places Tib maybe it's just familiarity breeding contempt?

    I could ask whether or not you always choose our employer's services when you're not in work? Doesn't mean we're crap. Well... :)