Friday, October 12, 2007

The worst patient ever??

Well, I went home early on Monday feeling like crap.

I am pretty lucky in that I generally don't really get sick, but man when I do I am most definitely the crappiest patient ever.

So I finally got home and quickly changed into the obligatory ill fitting clothing that make you feel all nice and comfy and set up camp on the sofa.

Aoife (my someone special) called over and made me soup and coffee and really looked after me.

I was on a day off on Tuesday so was able to do much the same the next day.

Here's the thing.

I had a bit of a cold.....

You would swear that I had just received a baboons liver in a botched mexican operation with the way I was going on. Feeling sorry for myself, unable to make myself a lemsip or food.

This post is an apology to Aoife for being such a whingy fecker.

Worst thing is that Aoife went home sick on Wednesday with a viral infection. Still I reckon that wasn't my fault :)


  1. And you're now posting this from Aoife's, after bringing her some soup, some tea, and some DVDs...*right*?

  2. I did call over.. She puked, I felt ill, then she felt better so I got a curry...

  3. Sickness for me is like animals. Don't like being sick, don't like hearing about or witnessing sickness - nursing is thoroughly absent from my being.

  4. At least you apologised Id! I just cough slightly and curl up in a ball.

  5. just like your father dying with a head cold really how typical u now have someone else to look after yougood luck to aoife thank god i moved from dublin

  6. Can I just nominate Aileen to join the group? I think she rox.

  7. dave will u thank polkadot for her nice comment at last someone thinks i rox