Saturday, October 13, 2007

The moment the song changed

Further to MW's earlier post, do you have songs that were once the subject of annoyance or ambivalence but after a particular moment they become songs you adore? I have a few examples to hand.

I already spoke of how I hated Umbrella, but after it got stuck in my head I loved it. Then there's Bridge Over Troubled Waters: totally hated it for near 30 years, then I heard a poignant duet version in a church one time, it was beautiful & it made me love the song. I was totally ambivalent towards the Divine Comedy's Everybody Knows That I Love You - then 2 years ago I heard it while on the bus one day and again, all of a sudden it became one of my favourite ever songs.

Then there's the accidental re-ignition. I always really liked Queen & Bowie's Under Pressure but a few years back I heard it one day & it was like the first time, and I was addicted to listening to it for a month or more.

I wonder what other songs I hate now will become favourites in the future...


  1. I know what you mean...thank god for the recent resurgence of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'". I'm singing it at full volume in the MammyWagon (tm). I think Babylon is a new one for me too, since LittleBoy started singing it on the way home from a friends house yesterday. And John Mayer....swoon.

  2. God yes, constantly! My love affair with Banana Phone is well known.