Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You want to read me, don't you...

I had loads of ideas of stuff to blog before but can't remember what they are now. Anyway, I'm off on my first work junket tomorrow and hopefully it'll be a bit of craic. You know what we're missing in our 49£s world, a bit of gossip. But we can't really have gossip in a virtual world with all doors open. Facebook is a bit like that too. Social networking is ruining the fun of life.


  1. I heard you're a man, MW is secretly Miriam O'Callaghan, Tiberius is a paedophile senator from Ancient Rome, Atreus has quit here for his burgeoning TV career, GB is the TY project of three teenage girls from Foxrock and that I'm secretly Conformist No 2. That any good?

  2. I am not that idiot! Jesus she's like old mother Hubbard, I have 3 children, she has what? Like 3 dozen or something! Did you know Polka works for the little know "Flowers are food", government agency?

  3. Yay I love gossip, even when its made up

    Yes I am a man...maybe