Wednesday, October 17, 2007

He Sold His Soul for Rock'N'Roll (or at least a camp 70s version of it)

Following on from Midget Wrangler talking about some of her guilty pleasures (a tenner says you can't name the chick who sang with Dean Friedman on Lucky Stars) I reckoned I'd put up one of mine.

A movie possibly even siller than the Rocky Horror Picture Show (although one that never inspired the same cult status). Also one of Brian de Palmas earlier works.

Phantom of the Paradise. A musical film based on the legend of Faust and Phantom of the Opera. With song and dance numbers.

There must've been some bizarre TV channel broadcasting in the late 80s that showed a lot of even more bizarre movies. I got to see Phantom of the Paradise, AND Eraserhead over the course of about two weeks.

Its as camp as only a 1970s rock opera can be. Despite the silliness theres still a genuinely creepy feel towards it, especially towards the end and we see the love interest slowly getting corrupted by the fame and power.

Some caring soul has put up the whole movie in 10 seperate chunks on youtube, and another fanboy type has put up his 2 minute 30 second redux version of the flick. Deadly buzz like


  1. Denise Marsa.

    *sigh* Why do I need to know that? :(

  2. WOW, love the murder with the plunger! Looks like a movie that needs a bottle of wine and it would be a good laugh! It does look a but like Rocky Horror, but also Shock Treatment....will find a clip, Bye!