Sunday, November 25, 2007


Let's start by getting this straight. I love board games. I mean feckin love them. Scrabble, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Risk, Pictionary, Cleudo, Game Of Life (and its reverse twin Go For Broke) etc etc etc.

I played them with religious gusto whenever I got the chance when I was a kid. Since then the pickings have been slimmer. The kids aren't quite old enough just yet to be put through that particular ordeal (they have their own games we play) and I long ago figured out that no-one wants to come over to the house of the games nerd, particularly when you bring them out after 3 or 4 drinks when everyone was having a swimming time up til then; Polka excepted even though she keeps taking a hammering at Trivial Pursuit :-)

And so my passion has remained underground (or hidden away in a blanket box, whatever.)

Until now. Like JTM, Milan and others I've discovered the wonders of Facebook and in particular playing the Scrabble application on it. I'm playing 8 games right now (including Milan and the long lost Conformist No2). I'm even playing turns between typing here.

I may have a problem.

Particularly that I'm now no longer speaking to Milan after she scored 83 with BRUNETTE.


  1. The net is great for nerds like that. My sister is a big scrabble freak and only back in July we were discussing how boringly domesticated she's become. Little did I know a few months later I'd be playing myself.

    I love when you get to use all the letters. I also got 60 odd just the other day for starting a game with ringlet.

  2. Come find me on Facebook,Someone, nobody in my life plays Scrabble with me. And I had 'Clue' the American versioin, with greaat photos of the characters, and beautiful pictures of flock wall paper or parquet flooring etc for the rooms, it was fab. I partcularly remember Miss Scarlet, with long shiny black hair (well, 1970s siny, not insane naughties shiny) and a cigarette holder!

  3. I was your board game slave, I loved the look on peoples faces when you'd get out the boxes, they'd all start to get nervous because it could go either way! You love to win so much and I loved you not to win...ah the memories, I wonder has Trivial Pursits ever been cited in divorce peoceedings :-P

  4. 'I was your board game slave' - love it!

  5. We love Rummikub in our house, rummikub addicts we are. That and Buzz (although technically not a board game, it is a game we play together so that counts right?)

  6. JM - will do, but facebook is going mad slow on me lately.

    Aq - rummikub??

    MW - I think you need to get a 'I was your board game slave' t-shirt. It's like the new 'tracker mortgage'.

  7. Milan, Rummikub is a numbers game kinda like the card game rummy with "runs" and "sets". The kids love it, we play all year round. Even played tonight!