Sunday, November 25, 2007

A question

I have a quandry and I need the opinion of all of us left here. Obviously people have fallen off the radar over the last while (even though they lurk and even comment! Hello!)

So what do we do? Continue to toil on in the lima bean fields with diminishing returns and writers? Recruit new writers? I don't see the point in continuing to hassle those of us who don't want to write anymore. I, of all people at the moment, understand how hard it can be to write regularly.

I just don't want to give up on a project that has been this much fun and such a positive experience for some of us just yet.

What do you think?


  1. I don't want to give it up! I have my own blog but this blog is a different type of experience, recruit new writers, of course but then maybe our current writers just need to get back on the horse!

  2. I reckon we slam a few heads together for new writers. Think we have to take into account that we're at that time of the year when people haven't two minutes to put something down on paper. It might kick off again after Xmas.

    The number of fucking posts I've started and disgarded just because of time constraints is pissing me off royaly

  3. Ach, I've been worrying about this too - I'm just tired and don't have a lot of coherent thoughts or time to write them down at the moment, but this will change at some point!

    I think new recruits is a good idea, why not?

    I know someone who'd be good, perhaps too good, he'd put me to shame!

    But there's no need to stop, surely - who's deadlines are we writing to?

    I suspect Midge and Someone may be the Mammy and Daddy of the blog and when they start again,we'll follow suit - I hope I'm wrong because that's kind of pathetic!

    There's my 9 cents worth.

  4. I'm heartened by the number of people paying attention at this hour of the night :)

  5. Don't be I'm meant to be working! I'm running away, right now!

  6. Have to run, BBC drama is starting but STB - save the blog. Only if they're nice newbie, can we pick on them and bully them as old handers?

    I often want to blog and don't cause I don't want to be the only person blogging 10 times in a row.

  7. Jesus Milan, Don't let that stop you! Yes, bullying will be not only tolerated for newbies but encouraged.

    So, the response I'm getting in the first 20 mins is newbies are an idea to be encouraged.

    Right. Anyone who has any suggestions as to people who might be good mail me at my Gmail, if you're reading this and would like to be considered then drop us a comment and introduce yourself.

  8. I agree with all the above, maybe recuit some people and ask those who aint posting weather they really feel like continuing. Shit I may find myself in that camp now.

  9. Certainly keep the blog...invite additions, and don't lose faith. There will always be times when the real world makes it impossible to let the blog enter your mind.

    e.g., any chance I have to be touching the computer recently is spent trying to finish a time-critical work project, as yet still not completed; any time not spent touching it is dedicated to wife, kids, and other commitments...leaving little time to let any prose or babble make it onto the blog. Lately.

    This is a long-term project in a number of ways, I believe. Just look at the average volume of activity (posts and comments) since we started! Not too shabby at all. Since we're all doing this as a side activity, it's going to face some hiccups once in a while. (In contrast to how it'd look if everyone involved were doing so with a paid salary.)

    My mobile has eight or nine messages saved to draft of things I wanted to make sure I remembered to post about. Call it my queue.

    If you go back and read some of the content it certainly holds up, for me, the idea that it's a good group of creative and pleasantly different people. And augmenting it further is a great idea, since it's forever going to have a fluctuating list of participants.

  10. I used to blog twice in a row Milan, it's ok....and I have my own blog to be working on! STB I think we need to round up the wagons guys! Another night out before christmas, in a pub this time though!And maybe we'll all try to blog at least once a week, and comment! It's a commitment I know, but lets all make that promise? I am.

  11. Yes MW I think thats a good idea, meet up at Christmas and then new years resolution can be to blog at least once a week-its more realistic than 'drinking less' or 'not eating chocolate'!