Monday, November 26, 2007

Date My Mum?

Would you date a separated woman with three children? I am 34 years old, recently separated after being in a relationship for wait for it ...half my life! Seriously half my life! So now I am in the (enviable) position of dating...for the first time ever! I have never dated, I kissed my ex partner one evening and that was it, we were going together, we went to the movies and just sat around in each others houses! I hope dating as an adult isn't going to be like that! We kinda moved in together so we'd have somewhere to go and be alone!

So now I'm out there, I know it's early days, and I know people will think I'm crazy for even wanting to be in a room with another man (my mother would skin me alive...Oh God I'm a teenager again) But I want to get out there, I like male company, I like to feel like a woman not just a mother! But my problem is this, with my recent knock my confidence is pretty shot, and I am suffering from something I think a lot of women (people) do, I doubt that anyone would be interested in me, so I lower my standards..not good! It's that saying, "I wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member", if he likes me what's wrong with him? I should lower my standards, so what if he's not as clever as I'd like? Or so what if he's a bit countrified? Sure beggars can't be choosers!

So I am in a crux, I am a positive person, trying to be extra positive at the moment but I'm worried to aim for the stars! I'm worried if I aim too high then I'll be cheating myself! Maybe those dregs will look good!

So I'll keep you guys updated as to what it's like dating as a mom!


  1. Fair play MW. I feel a Hollywood Rom-Com coming on.

  2. Butthats the point of daying - to find out if you can stand someone or not! So there's no shame in going for people outside your normal sphere of interest.

    Though I loved that mobile ad - 'It's me! The guy from the bar!'

  3. Oh God, no I won't be doing any bar stuff....too messy!It's the inside bits that matter to me! I like conversation too much to meet someone in a bar, where you can't hear anything!

  4. NO, no, rmemeber they texted eachother, and then he rang her, and he had this huge big ridiculous Kerry accent?

  5. lovely....Kerry accent I could take, chainsaw would be a no no!