Monday, November 26, 2007

It's the lack of remorse more than the crime that gets me..

Have you seen this.....

To summarise: A trouble 13 year old Megan Meier meets a 16 year old boy online, they e-court, after a few weeks the boy turns nasty and starts to bully her, she tops herself; it turns out the boy is a 40 odd year old mother of a girl in Megan's class. Apparently she wanted to find out if Megan was bullying her daughter? How is setting up a vulnerable kid for a fall finding out information?

The whole thing is a bit mad now because there's no laws in place against this sort of bullying so Megan's parents have gone the e-vigilante route posting the neighbours details on line making them international hate victims, locked in their house, plackarded people shouting outside, etc. Apparently the mother pretender shows no remorse for the girl's death. I think the denial of guilt is as bad as the crime.


  1. Jesus! As parents and teachers we (well, and my profession) are up against this whole new danger in the form of e-bullying,that didn't exist even 5 years ago. NOw the parents are joining in? Scary.

  2. This is so terrible, there should be laws against this kind of thing, and maybe the positive thing to come out of this might be some change in laws I suppose...If it was my daughter I'd just kill the bitch!

  3. An interesting side issue to all of this is the sort of information you put out about yourself on the internet, not an issue to those of us here admittedly :)

    But, if you have social networking is your full name there? Date of birth? Where you work? Even where you live? Your phone number? People are being harvested.