Monday, November 26, 2007


In these modern days of email and facebook its nice to see some old school graffiti still going on. Forget your impressive tagging, I'm talking seriously juvenile.

Beside my bus stop is a wall that bears the immortal words "Bongo Loves Knobs".

Fantastic! I see it every morning and am convinced that I'm living in an episode of The Young Ones or Grange Hill.


  1. Depends on where you live doesn't it GB? If that were on a wall here in Blackrock it could possibly mean Bongo (a great rudby player from the college) loves "Knobs and Knockers", that great shop in Dawson street!There is something about a peadophile just out side my road...but it's unreadable!
    Personally I'm very fond of tiolet door graffiti, you know on pub doors...the stuff that's like a conversation...going on and on!

    Not that I would ever do anythin like that!

  2. Tib, you are too clever for this blog....write your bloody book!

  3. Welcome back GB. Tib, comment of the year. Any chance we could actually do it?